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Low-temperature physics and related things

Kapitza Institute, Moscow (2000-2006)

I was involved in a few big projects under supervision of V.Dmitriev:

My personal master project was to rebuild a small dilution fridge, use it for measuring transition-edge bolometers for another group, and add a 4He circulation loop to the fridge. Two first tasks were successful, the last one did not give any noteceable improvement, probably because of my lack of experience.

Then I joined the main group working on NMR in superfluid He3. We mostly studied superfluid phases in isotropic aerogel, but also oscillation modes of HPD state (this was topic of my PhD work finished in 2011).


My PhD thesis: Measuring Leggett frequency in Aerogel


Aalto University, ROTA group (2012-2015)

ROTA NMR resonance circuit, 2013-2015


Some notes and papers

Aalto University, NANO group (2016-2019)


Some notes and papers

Lancaster University (2019-2024)


Useful tables


Most of my code is under GPL v3.0 License. Most packages contain spec file for Altlinux (it's my main packaging system), some have files for building packages for Gentoo (thanks to A.S.) and Ubuntu.